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Remodeling Services

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bath Remodeling
  • Room Additions
  • Interior & Exterior Painting

Our track record for successful house remodeling is based upon solid communication with our clients. Whether we are gutting and rebuilding a kitchen or constructing an addition to create an in-law suite, our clients’ visions and ideas always come first – and we always do everything within our power to create the results that our customers are expecting.


No other room in the house will have as much impact upon the functionality of your home as your kitchen. Outdated fixtures and poorly planned layouts can make the kitchen an incredibly uninviting and inefficient space. This can be particularly problematic if you want your kitchen to be multi-functional. Smaller kitchens with confining walls and inadequate counter space can be expanded by removing the walls and creating an open concept layout. We can also construct an addition and add more functional cabinetry.

Trends for House Remodeling

Larger kitchens are becoming more popular because they are used for cooking, entertaining, family meetings and a host of other activities.

An open concept kitchen creates a greater sense of connectedness and intimacy, even when family members and guests are mingling in other parts of the main living area.

We can help you customize your kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, cabinetry, flooring and backsplashes.


Creating convenient and comfortable bathrooms has become the goal of many contemporary homeowners. What used to be no more than a “utility” room to accommodate personal hygiene and the inevitable calls of nature has evolved into a space that is now both functional and stylish. It is becoming a top project for house remodeling.

Larger bathrooms are becoming more popular because homeowners want to have separate showering, bathing and toilet spaces.

Natural lighting using windows and skylights have become common features in the contemporary bathroom. One-way glass and privacy window films can be used on larger window installations, while transom models and skylights offer privacy by the nature of their designs.

Many homeowners are also installing televisions and audio equipment into their bathrooms, in order to catch the traffic and weather reports in the morning while they are preparing for work or unwinding at night.

Room Additions

That Wall Has to Go

When simple reconfigurations of the existing floor plan won’t provide the space that you need to accommodate your lifestyle, consider building an addition. Our talented design/build team can help you develop plans for your addition and then create the blueprints that you will need to submit to the local building department and/or zoning committee to get your project underway.

Revitalizing Un-Used Living Space

If local building and zoning codes will not allow you to build an addition, you can always consider converting existing spaces into living spaces. Attics, basements and garages can all be remodeled and incorporated into the floor plan of your home.

A remodeled garage can instantly create 200 to 400 additional square feet of living space to your home. It is an economical start when you are considering house remodeling.

Attics and basements typically run the entire length and width of a home, and with a few modifications, they can create an entire floor’s worth of additional square footage to your living space. You need an experienced remodeling contractor to pull it off, and you have found one here.


New Paint

Sometimes the easiest way to create a whole new look for your home is to perform a color renovation. House remodeling does not necessarily have to involve tearing down walls or ripping out carpets. The changes you are looking for can often be achieved with a few coats of professionally applied paint.

House Remodeling in Houston

Our team will gladly help you develop a color scheme for your home that includes accent walls, faux finishes and even geometric shapes and patterns.

Personalized Service

If you are ready to give your home the space and update it needs, give us a call. As a top remodeling contractor, we are here to help you create your dream home, no matter how complex or simple your renovation goals may be.

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